Wearing Instructions

Lynco Orthotics

Wearing Instructions for MODULARx Customised Orthotics:

  • The first thing you should know about orthotics is DO NOT RUSH.
  • Secondly, conditions that have taken years to develop will not disappear immediately.

The most important factor for the orthotics to function correctly is your footwear. Use common sense when choosing the type and style of your shoes.

Please keep in mind that some shoes are not suitable to be worn with orthotics, they may be too narrow or too shallow. To help with this we do recommend that you remove any extra padding, arch pads, heel padding, thick cushion liners etc. from your footwear before inserting the orthotics.

You may experience minor aches and pains in your back, hip, knee, ankle and foot during the break in period, this is not uncommon, which is why we recommend breaking them in gradually.

Suggested wearing times:

(General Guideline)
  • Day 1: Wear for 30mins to 1 hour
  • Day 2: Wear for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening
  • Day 3+: increase wearing time gradually over a period of 1-4 weeks.

Commence wearing your orthotics in the morning and follow the guidelines. You may encounter some discomfort during this break-in period, if so, shorten the wearing time.

If the discomfort continues over a period of time, then your orthotics may need a minor adjustment. This is quite normal, and all part of the process of getting your body and foot back into the correct alignment. If this is the case please call or email us to discuss.

We offer a 50% discount on additional pairs ordered within 90 days of original purchase.