As a result of my fallen arches, I had suffered from bad knees for some years and been using off-the shelf orthotics to a degree of success, however I then started to develop Plantar Faciitis too. I took the plunge, with a certain degree of scepticism, and finally bought a pair of fitted orthotics from The Orthotic Works in May 2017. From the first moment of the thorough consultation I felt in safe hands and I was very impressed by their diagnosis and understanding of my issues. The orthotics immediately made a huge difference to me and within a few weeks the plantar faciitis and knee pain were a thing of the past. I wore them religiously until just a couple of weeks ago when I managed to lose one on a trip to Brussels. Within a week both feet and knees were beginning to play up. I contacted Claire at The Orthotic Works who couldn’t have been more helpful. She still had all my details despite the orthotics being well over a year old and quickly organised a replacement for me. Thank you Claire and your team, I am very, very impressed. Alison Miller, September 2018
Dear Claire, Carolyn and team, When I was fitted with a pair of your orthotics at Birmingham NEC a few years ago, I thought that this meant I would walk around for the rest of my life with your devices inside my shoes. I wore them regularly for all walking except when I wore sandals or no shoes at all on the beach. Gradually I found that the devices themselves were beginning to feel uncomfortable and wondered if I ought to return to you for a further fitting. I took them out and felt that I was walking normally for the first time in a long while. This was about three years ago now and I find I can walk quite long distances without them. I hesitate to say that I am cured since if an injury occurred once it may well happen again. So I we turn up at the Caravan show again this year we shall certainly drop by and say hello and shake you by the hand, because your product and care in fitting it has done much to make my journey through my seventies a lot more pleasurable, right up to my current age of 76. In the last four years I have swum most of the way, in stages, from Stafford to way downstream beyond Nottingham. along the River Trent. I swim outdoors all the year round wearing just a pair of swimming trunks and am at the moment ranked 8th in the world over 75 in cold water swimming. None of this would have been possible without my lucky meeting with you. Thank you, lots of times. And if I do see you again in Birmingham you are as likely to get a hug as a handshakes, so brace yourselves. Much Love, Alan White, February 2018
I was told by my Orthopaedic consultant that surgery was the only way to treat Freibergs disease of 2nd metatarsal. It wasn’t guaranteed a success and my life of tennis, golf, hill walking and fitness classes had to stop. My world fell apart and the severe pain in my foot after activities was enough to consider his recommendation. Fortunately I came across Orthotic Works at the great Yorkshire show and met Claire. She designed the correct insole with support for my 2nd metatarsal and I’m now a year on pain free with a very active life, never gave up any sport and discharged myself from hospital care. I have just purchased my 2nd light pair and can wear them in all my pretty shoes. I can’t recommend Claire and Orthotic works enough they have saved my life !! BIG THANKYOU!, Deb Jeffery, August 2017
Great event at Belton and have worn my orthotics all weekend which I can’t live without. They provide me with so much more comfort and support when riding, one of my essential pieces of kit now at every event and when riding at home. Thank you Claire and all the team for your continued support. Yours sincerely, Mollie Summerland, April 2017
I bought my insoles at Burleigh Horse Trials this year having been advised by a physio to get some. I was having daily pain in my feet especially first thing in the morning and I have arthritis under my kneecap resulting from an old injury. Consequently as well as the pain in my knee it was also giving way constantly. So much so that I was struggling to get up any form of steps let alone do any exercise. I have now been wearing them for about 8 weeks and I can’t believe the results. Not only can I walk up and down stairs without pain and my knee giving way , but I can also run up the stairs, ride my cycle and I’ve started running again ! My lower back and hips are no longer aching at the end of the day and I would say I probably have an 80% improvement so far. This is after going to my G.P. and a consultant surgeon who could only suggest an operation and physiotherapy. I will definitely be back next year for some thinner ones to go in other types of shoes. I can only say thank you for this amazing result. Yours sincerely, Lesley Dunn, October 2016
Many Thanks for the 2nd pair of Orthotic Works Insoles. I am really pleased with them. They have certainly helped my back and helped align myself much better. As a Reflexologist, I know the importance of foot health, so a fallen arch can cause all number of issues, such as lack of abdominal muscles and low back ache. Some people will say it is quite costly, but I don’t think you can put a price on health. The fact that they will last for years, means that they are very good value for money. I can certainly recommend that everyone could do with being checked to see if they would benefit from having a pair. Yours sincerely, Mrs Miranda Welton, August 2016
Hi, I bought a pair of orthotic insoles yesterday from the Ideal Home and met Carolyn and Michael. I just wanted to thank them for the excellent customer service and also to let you know that my feet have felt so much more comfortable already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours! I slipped them into my slippers and took my first steps (usually the most painful) with the orthotics and I honestly had no pain compared to previous! Also, when barefoot I had no pain either! I have managed to keep the insoles in since this morning (am used to having insoles in and they are oh so comfy!) Anyway thank you….I am seriously considering ordering a ‘thin’ pair to go with my summer shoes! Many thanks! Debbie, March 2016
I bought two sets of orthotics at the Ideal Home Show in 2015. I almost walked past the stand but my eagle-eyed partner spotted you. I wasn’t sure but I though it had to be worth a go. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve been virtually pain free from calcium spurs that were making my life a misery. I wish I’d found you years ago. Thanks to Michael, Carolyn and Claire for great customer care. With very best wishes Liz James, March 2016
I visited the shop in despair a couple of years ago as I was in such pain after various foot surgeries, and had visits to Amsterdam and Bruges planned for the following days, and no idea how I was going to walk anywhere. Claire examined my feet and inserted an orthotic into my shoes and unbelievably the pain vanished! I walked over 5 miles in each city with no pain at all. Since then I have had tailor made orthotics which can be moved between shoes, and support my feet beautifully. The service is friendly, professional, caring and supportive and I would recommend Claire and Carolyn. Eileen, September 2015
Bought some custom made insoles at Turriff show, I had been walking round the show all day and I was in agony, my feet felt like they were burning up! As soon as I put insoles in my shoes it was like walking on air, been using them for nearly 2 months now and the difference is amazing, I can now walk for miles without discomfort 🙂 Thank you so much. Caroline Elizabeth, September 2015
Wow, I’m pain free. Amazing and thank you. Thoroughly recommend these. Karen Thompson, September 2015
I found them several years ago when i first moved to London and used them firstly purely because they came from York as I did!! Best choice I ever made..they are fantastic in every way….wouldnt dream of changing to anyone else. And my feet love them too !!! Margaret Broadbent, March 2015
After ten years of being unable to jog due to intense foot pain, and at least ten specialist visit, I visited here. I have now done ten jogs pain free. You are such experts. Thank you. Cassie Northam, October 2014
Fantastic customer service and found smart, comfortable shoes and orthotics. Thank you very much! Lisa Jackson, January 2014